Learning is tinkering and narrating it

Why should you blog? Own a domain name? Because learning is so tremendously enjoyable and the web teaches us so much about what learning is. The web is not just a tool for learning, it’s an experience which allows one to experience, to live learning. In this video Jim Groom (Edupunk, ds106), Alan Levine (cogdogblog), and Howard Rheingold (social media, virtual communities) talk about the how and why of setting up your blog – in this case for Connected Courses – but what they say is valid far beyond this particular course.

My very short summary of there arguments: the web and learning are both about tinkering. There is something more though: one should narrate the tinkering. Narrating it makes you reach out to others and leads to conversation and connections. RSS-feeds, hyperlinks, blogs, social networks, forums, social bookmark services, video and audio platforms – it’s all about narrating, connecting and tinkering.

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I'm social media manager at Mediafin, the publisher of Belgium's leading business newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo. I have a special interest in the intersection of immersive media, business and philosophy.
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3 Responses to Learning is tinkering and narrating it

  1. I’m all about the tinkering, too.

  2. tellio says:

    Consider joining us in a conversation about the Pre-Course Hangout here: https://vialogues.com/vialogues/play/17330 No, this isn’t spam. It is video tool for video discussion. Click on link, join for free (it is sponsored by Columbia University) and enter into the conversation. It is sweet and asynchronous. I usually leave it pinnned and return to it a couple of times a day when I have a few minutes to watch. It is a handy tool to know about. Very handy.

  3. tnx tellio, I will try it if and when I find a quiet moment here in the newsroom…

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