Research the publishing industry by making things

Whiteboardmag has a story about how publishing giant Sanoma launches an in house startup accelerator. In other words: rather than endlessly researching and creating fiction-spreadsheets, they’ll foster intrapreneurship in order to find out about winning ideas in their industry. A kind of Makers-ethos: 
“These days, the successful models come from making things. I thought we should have a model where we can create concepts and validate them fast, make prototypes, test them in the market, see which ones fly. “
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One thought on “Research the publishing industry by making things”

  1. “make prototypes, test them in the market, see which ones fly”

    the problem is thats ok for angy bird games…. not so good for flight control software systems on commercial jets…. eh?

    too bad “social science” is now becoming “facebook science”…. then again, that is what happened before in totalitarian societies.

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