The Augmentationist: MOOCs, Stacks, Tech Intellectuals and a New Course

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RSS not dead?

Emil Portalinski reports on The Next Web that Google has added back a feed delivery option to its Google Alerts service. You can once again receive alerts for Web search results via RSS, rather than just email. This is quite remarkable, as I thought the Big Stacks were slowly but systematically killing RSS.

Tech Intellectuals

A long, thought-provoking post by Henry Farrell in Democracy Journal about Tech Intellectuals.How do the famous tech/society pundits earn their living and reputation? What constraints does their position in society impose on their discourse and thinking? I don’t always agree (I’m far more positive about Jeff Jarvis for instance) but his analysis makes one think critically about this new professional class of tech opinion makers.

A YouTube For MOOCs

EdX, the online education nonprofit backed by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is teaming up with Google on a new website that will offer tools for educators and the public to create their own digital courses, Geoffrey A. Fowler reports on Digits (WSJ). goes live in the first half of 2014, you can contact them now.

This is how Stephen Downes looks at it: “Mostly, it’s a case of the big organizations staking their turf (and trampling. The danger for them is that MOOCs will be (a) something that don’t really resemble videos, and instead resemble RSS readers, and (b) something created by learners for each other, rather than by publishers to be sold as consumables. Imagine what YouTube would look like without any user-created videos. That’s what a YouTube of MOOCs will look like, unless something significant changes.”

How to Organize a MOOC (in 147 slides)

Stephen Downes again: a superb set of slides explaining the thinking behind connectivist MOOCs, old and new media practices etc. For audio and more, see

(hat tip to Susan Bainbridge who runs a great Connectivism

Howard Rheingold Class At Stanford

You can join his Social Media Issues class, read the blogs, comment on the blogs, and participate in the Fishbowl Forum. Read the texts and follow along online! You can register an account for the forum a t  and the entire syllabus, blogs can be found at

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