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Jeff Jarvis: “I ask us — in journalism and in education (and in journalism education) — to aspire to being services. That requires us to start by thinking of the ends.”

This is so right. Aspire being services, in education as in journalism, as both activities have so much in common. 
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2 Responses to Content vs. service in media & education — BuzzMachine

  1. cube says:

    service to who and what is the right question….. jarvis really means service to who pays him. and in his web2.0 thinking, that means an advertiser, not the end eater. services mean never having the right to own anything..:)

  2. Allen says:

    This is a very interesting article, and you have good points that I will surely never forget. “Content starts with the desires of creators to make things. Service start with the needs of clients to achieve outcomes.” I will keep these things in mind.

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