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  1. Prokofy Neva says:

    What about *inworld business*, Roland? *INworld*. You know, not “business collaboration” by RL outworld companies using SL as a meeting platform. But INworld that pays a very large chunk of the tier and serves primarily the socializers, whom you also don’t mention, which is really separate from “entertainment” which is live music, Rezzable, clubs that are *push media* whereas socializing is *pull media*.

    Where, indeed? The Lindens don’t seem to have an obvious blueprint for most of the people showing up here every day. They chase after these ephemera, business, education, that in fact disses them and isn’t as loyal as the inworlders.

    M Linden just tosses a bone to the ad farming issue and the mainland, without reckoning with the fact that nothing happened yet; that tomorrow, when the policy goes into effect, it’s unlikely to have any dramatic effect at all, unless there is some really concerted lobbying again of the Lindens to clean up every last extortionist plot, of which I can still personally count hundreds and hundreds on the 60 sims where I own land.

    Why can’t the Lindens conceive of their product as containing sub-managers, pro-sumers, *partners* as they really should conceive of them in inworld business? What prevents them from doing this? Of course, if we listen to Prof. Bloomfield, he says that the economy is tanking, so it is no longer “interesting,” and let it go, who cares. RightasRain Rimbaud says the same thing, the economy is based on land simulation, this is a dead metaphor — no matter that it is LL’s business model lol — they will move on to greater glory, kill the landlords, they are not needed, people should just come and passively consume professional content made by outworlders and their inworld sherpas, the Solution Providers.

    So why does T Linden have no concept, nor has M, about inworld business? Is it because the Lindens have a love/hate relationship with that portion of the grid that really feeds their bottom line, but also complains a lot?

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