Second Life in a browser: will it give a new boost to a stagnating world?

I made this blogpost using a new service, Storify, which is currently in beta preview, and which makes it easy to curate blogposts, tweets, status updates, videos, pictures etc… (more about this at the end of the story).

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2 Responses to Second Life in a browser: will it give a new boost to a stagnating world?

  1. Prokofy Neva says:

    Roland, Roland, Roland. Here, you live on the European continent. And when you see such forced-egalitarian ideologies that are right next door to you in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe and their after-effects, why don’t you see them? See how they are merely revived and dressed in groovy hippie Zen clothing in this “Tao”? Why is this something we see across the ocean, and you don’t?

    I think I pretty much put paid to the Tao of Linden as merely a kind of neo-Bolshevism, in this essay:

    Not so gentle as you imagine. All this idealistic guff leads to the Big Lie.

    I wish it weren’t so. I am even a bit wistful about it myself, like I’m a bit wistful about any sort of idealistic social justice project because I work on them myself. But my God, at the end of the day, as Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

  2. Yeah, I’ve been considering all of the judgemental stuff myself Roland (such as above), and I think the criticism is more reactionary and thoughtless than well thought out. I’m not sure myself, but your post is of a more sober variety – thank you. I expect I’ll reference it. 🙂

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