The Global Arbitrage of Online Work –

“Not all those young companies will survive, but the habit of hiring online seems baked in; 64 percent of respondents said at least half of their work force would be online by 2015, and 94 percent predicted that in 10 years most businesses would consist of online temps and physical full-time workers.”

One more thing: it seems that the educational degree is not considered as being ‘very important’ when hiring online help. Quentin Hardy (Bits, The New York Times) concludes ‘In the future, having a degree may be helpful, but having a reputation will be even better.’

Taking this one step further, online rating systems such as Klout (not necessarily Klout itself) could become a very important part of your social capital. Of course, such reputation measures could be organized by the major online staffing companies –  like eBay for instance uses its famous reputation system. 

Reputation as social capital will translate this way into financial capital – and could be a crucial data point for financial companies which could use these data to decide about your creditworthiness…
via Diigo

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