Researching the philosophers of Silicon Valley, using mindmaps in 2D and 3D

What are the philosophical and cultural underpinnings of Silicon Valley? I’m trying to find out, reading and watching thinkers, historians, sci-fi literature, visiting virtual environments.

I’m trying to put some structure in my work using a mindmap, partially based on the book From Counterculture to Cyberculture (by Fred Turner):

In Second Life I’m putting up some media panels with websites or videos illustrating this – it helps me generating new ideas shifting those things around and walking around there, or looking at the panels with other avatars and commenting them.

My mindmap-installation in Second Life

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2 Responses to Researching the philosophers of Silicon Valley, using mindmaps in 2D and 3D

  1. C3 says:

    you MISS a major point in that you dont “link” all your examples of “literature” off of “film” or specifically “blad runner”… though the matrix does occur consutently with the authors mentioned…

    films /tv / and maybe some-but less wrtittten media of the 50-70s is the key influence for the cyerbpunks of words mentioned and not- stepeheson/gibson etc( all tron bladerunner influneced) and of course insilico and othre sl worlds are all reproductions of 1980s tv/film worlds…

    the split from real to virtual as the basis for the “future” psyche of your cyer thought leaders can easily be seen from this attempt at a diagram.

  2. Prokofy says:

    Don’t forget to read my seminal piece on the origins of technocommunism:

    Lots of your Silicon Valley pioneer friends there : )

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