3D printing: does the revolution look vintage already?

Nice overview of 3D-printing: Hat tip to Bruce Sterling on Beyond the Beyond. I liked his comment: Really makes one anticipate 3d printing in 2022, when all this contemporary stuff looks charmingly crude and tentative. Very “early teens.” So does our revolution look vintage now already? More about all this… Continue reading

The New Industrial Revolution – the New Satanic Mills?

So I’m reading Cory Doctorow’s Makers, but there is also that other Makers book – inspired by Doctorow – in which Chris Anderson tells us about a New Industrial Revolution. Here is a video posted on TechCrunch. What we’re seeing here with the third industrial revolution is the combination of… Continue reading

New World Notes not convinced about 3D-printing

“No doubt, it’s going to be an important tool for hobbyists and designers, and for assorted applications here and there, but Wired wants to convince us it’s going to be more than that. ” There, Wagner James Au, the virtual worlds expert and New World Notes blogger, said it: he’s… Continue reading

Download, print, fire: gun rights initiative harnesses 3D technology | guardian.co.uk

“Project aims to let anyone print a gun in their own home, raising new concerns about the legality of homemade firearms” There really was no reason to believe people would only use this technology to print cute toys and cool components for race bikes. via Diigo http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/sep/26/3d-printing-guns-legal-issues-us-law

3D printing changes the world

These last few days I read some articles about 3D printing in major mainstream publications. Talking about ‘mixed realities’, 3D printing fascinates me as it seems to make it so easy to translate digital constructs into physical ones, or physical ones (through scanning) into digital ones and than back into… Continue reading

3D printing, Second Life and unemployment: how the blending of realities rips society apart

Sometimes the seemingly random combination of blog posts makes me think. For instance, watch this introductory video about 3D-printing, which I found on the financial blog Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: In the blog post you’ll find other great links about 3D printing. Now switch to some very important question… Continue reading